The Promise in Leaf Buds

Were seasons to last years, and the full cycle of them a decade, still we could look upon a simple maple tree on the harshest winter day and witness the glowing red leaf buds.  They are both a promise and a reminder that spring will come and life will jubilantly leap forth, no matter how gray the sky or how cold the winter wind that strikes us.

In a similar manner, we have transcendent moments where we sense something invisible behind the visible beauty.  There is a Mover that quietly moves, a Muse that paints the sun-kissed sky as the glowing orb gracefully reclines in the west.  Our spirit leaps forth toward the heavens, aching, yearning, even weeping with the hope that there is something more.  This comforting pain in our transcendent moment is like our leaf bud upon the maple branch.

With the intrusive world of electronic media, war, disease, suffering, and injustice are flung into our faces faster than we can process their meaning, leaving us in a state of depression or hopelessness.  The world around us is being consumed by a dark chaos that threatens us as well.  These painful years are our winter months.  Though they seem unending, leaf buds are on the trees, and the promise will not be left unfulfilled.

The harbinger of hope, the second Adam, has appeared, and the whispers of his victory have reached even the deepest of Hades.  No locked door, no tyrant, no oppressor will keep him out.  He is reaching back and forth in time, rescuing all who will extend their hands to him.

The leaves upon the trees quake around us in their nervous excitement, the birds sing a joyous song of resurrection, the wind dances and frolics with those who will play – all in anticipation of the glory to come.

The victory dance begins within us, for heaven and hell wrestle with one another in every heart.  As we open the dark chambers within, light invades the deepest recesses, beginning the healing and transformation process.  We are not light by nature, but we will become so through adoption.  We are not born gods, but we are by rebirth.

A blessed Paschal season to all!

Christ is risen!

End Notes:

Maple tree photo by Chrisser on Flickr

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3 thoughts on “The Promise in Leaf Buds

  1. So beautiful and full of hope..thank you:)

  2. Very encouraging. Thank you!

  3. just saw this today – “comforting pain” , that’s it, that’s just what I’ve been feeling. Thank you for putting such good thoughts into words.

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