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from spam.comI greatly enjoy hearing from humans who read articles here…but not robots. Spam blocking plugins are used so that robots don’t bug me. But on rare occasions, legitimate comments get filtered out. If that happens to you then I am sincerely sorry. Please try commenting again without any links (usually including links to other websites is what triggers the spam filter to ditch comments).

Comment Procedure

  1. Someone makes a comment and I am usually notified by email. It is automatically held in a queue for review and approval.
  2. Within a few days, I log into the website and post the comment, replying to it as necessary.
  3. If a respectful disagreement is made or a good question is asked, I may take longer to post it because I want to make sure I have time to think about what you said and reply as thoroughly and thoughtfully as I can. Respectful discourse and disagreements are something that I enjoy and find to be fun. So, feel free to disagree with me.
  4. If I see a disrespectful comment, I will probably delete it.

Reasons Your Comment May Not Appear

  1. I’m busy with parish ministry or traveling and haven’t logged into my website in several days or weeks to approve the comment. Please be patient, it can take a while if I am on the road or in the midst of a busy season.
  2. The comment doesn’t contribute to the conversation at hand. For example, it just says, “This is stupid” or it insults others who are commenting.
  3. You’re trolling me or trying to pick fights with others (see #2 above).
  4. You clearly didn’t read the article and/or you’re copying and pasting a rant that you leave other places on the internet.
  5. Your comment contains a few links, and my spam blocker mistook it for spam. I check the spam box about once or twice a month so it might get rescued, but it might not.
  6. Your comment contains information encouraging schism or links to potentially problematic websites and teachers.
  7. You’ve linked to a long article or YouTube video that I’m not going to take the time read or watch. I still may post your comment but remove the hyperlink.
  8. Your comment is a thinly veiled advertisement for another website.

I reserve the right to reject any comment that I do not believe will be edifying to others. That includes both people who agree or disagree with my stance on a position. Respectful disagreement helps us grow, but rude behavior does not.


People frequently repost my content to their own websites or even in church bulletins.  I appreciate people doing that with my articles as long as the final product is not sold (for example, you may copy articles to your blog/website, but you may not sell them in a publication – printed or electronic – without my written permission).

My one request is that, out of courtesy, you credit my site somewhere in the post.  Most people will simply write SOURCE at the top or bottom of the blog and make that a hyperlink to the original post. If you want to credit me further, you can insert my name Fr. Jeremy McKemy.


Some images were created by me; many were created by others. If I know the source, I will give it in the article. In older blog entries, especially those featuring icons, I did not always take note of where I found the original image. With many of these icons, the websites that originally had them no longer exist and my site is now the oldest one with those images.

If you own the rights to an image on this website and you want it removed, please do not hesitate to contact me at fr.jeremy [and then]

All articles are copyrighted by Jeremy McKemy, 2011-2022.

3 thoughts on “Comment and Copyright

  1. A truly beautiful and useful site. The links are extremely useful. This is a mature, reflected blog. Thank you.

  2. Edward Pehanich April 1, 2019 — 6:58 pm

    You post “Loving in a World Gone Mad” is superb. I am going to include it in our parish Pascha newsletter. Of course, I will credit your blog as the source.

    Fr. Edward Pehanich
    St. Nicholas Church
    Monongahela, Pa.

    1. Sounds good. Thank you, Fr. Edward.

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