The Dream

I had a strange dream before waking this morning.

 A_Shopping_Day_by_jusuartI was in a booming metropolis.  There were tall buildings and skyscrapers and thousands of people milling about.  I saw several people loaded down with bags of stuff they’d “bought” from the stores that were everywhere.  Everything was free.  You simply went into a store, found what you wanted, and walked out with it.  But everyone was gloomy.
I went into a restaurant.  A young new arrival was there, and with bright eyes he was exclaiming, “I can get anything on the menu for free?!”  He ordered one hundred different things and they brought what he desired before him with no wait.  Yet he was not satisfied no matter how much he ate.
I then met a tall, dark robed figure.  His name was Death.  Appearing neither proud nor gloomy, he explained that this was hell: the land of plenty, the land where you could get whatever you wanted, but nothing would ever satisfy.  Unlike earth, there wasn’t even that moment of satisfaction that quickly fades when we get what we want.  Here, satisfaction was the constant pursuit, yet it was never obtained even in the smallest degree.

There were other tall, dark robed figures who walked invisibly among the people.  I believe their job was to eject those who fought the system; who stopped seeking satisfaction for themselves and simply embraced their current reality.

I laid in bed after waking for a few moments, reflecting on the dream.  I was pondering the difference between this place called “hell” in my dreams and America.  The primary difference was that here there is temporary satisfaction.  In hell, there was not.  Here, some people wear masks of pretending to care about others; there, the masks were all stripped away and everyone openly lived for themselves.
saved by hell by april182 (deviantart)

1 thought on “The Dream

  1. Fascinating, yet terrible. I really appreciate you sharing this. It’s eerie how closely this resembles our American society in so many ways…..

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