A brief word of wisdom

from orthodoxphotos.comDo no seek things too difficult for you, nor examine what is beyond your strength. Think about what is commanded you; for you do not need what the Lord keeps hidden.

Do no meddle in what is none of your business, for things beyond human insight have been shown to you. Speculation has led many astray and evil suppositions have caused their minds to slip and fall.
(Wisdom of Sirach 3:20-23)

May we seek those things that God has granted to us, may we grow in the knowledge that he has bestowed upon us, may we be fully present in the places he has placed us, may we not seek after that which has been wisely hidden, may we be grateful for the heavenly knowledge revealed, may we humbly learn the commandments of Christ so that we can be joined to Him in this life and the age to come, and may we rest in the quietness of His love and peace, leading others to do the same.

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  1. A very important reminder……

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