The Tao of Christ: A Story from the East

Below is an excerpt from a letter I wrote to a good friend of mine who is not a Christian, but who has been on a quest for spiritual truth and authenticity for many years. In it, I try to express the truth of Christianity without getting too caught up in the normal terminology that we Christians use.

I do feel like the past holds the key answers for the present. The more I read the Buddha, Lao Tzu (Taoism), Confucius, and Eastern Orthodox desert spirituality, the more I see that the spiritual giants of the past were pointing humanity toward many of the same things. I’m not a fan of syncretism because it tends to ignore diversity within each system while trying to suppress the differences. But the teachings of these amazing men and women have survived thousands of years because, over and over, humanity has confirmed that their teachings are the closest thing to truth that we have discovered. Continue reading The Tao of Christ: A Story from the East

Salvation & Sin, Part 2 – Being Human

adam and eve icon2 (Betsy Porter)In the first part of this series, I contrasted the Western, legal perspective of salvation with the Eastern Orthodox understanding of sin and salvation.  In this blog, I want to unpack the topic further, but mostly focus on Orthodoxy.


In Genesis, we learn that mankind was created in the image of God.  When we fell, and continue to fall, that image becomes tarnished and obscured, but it never disappears.  It is still within you. Continue reading Salvation & Sin, Part 2 – Being Human