Some Apocryphal Thoughts

The main purpose of my website is to provide information to people who want to learn more about drawing closer to God, especially in the Eastern Orthodox Tradition. Since beginning this project in 2011, I have had several hundred thousand visitors and recommendations from many laity, clergy, and even some bishops. I like to think that is (in part) because I keep things focused and mostly non-controversial here.

There are times I’ve wanted to branch out into topics that touch on the political, social, or personal. However, I don’t want my wrestling through difficulties to distract people from their journey in drawing closer to Christ. So, I’m “hiding” my personal thoughts on these pages so that they won’t show up in the feed of the main page.  Instead, those who wish to read them will have to navigate to “Categories” and go to “Some Apocryphal Thoughts.”

I originally considered calling this section “spurious thoughts” – not because I wished to be deceptive or fraudulent, but because these are sometimes topics that I don’t fully understand. I’m often wrestling through them rather than presenting a solid case. I settled with “apocryphal” since that is a Greek word for “hidden.”

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