The Desert of Our Present Life

After passing through the Red Sea, the Hebrews were within a couple hundred miles, or a two week journey on foot, from their destined Promised Land.  Yet it took them forty long years of circling in the wilderness before arriving at the place promised to their forefather Abraham.  The desert met these former slaves with all of its harshness, trials, temptations, scourges, and the occasional oasis.

Why did God lead them in circles in the wilderness when they were so close to the Promised Land?  In short, they were not ready to receive such a great inheritance.  At the first sign of difficulty, war, hunger, thirst, or any other trial, they would throw up their hands and say, “If only we had stayed in Egypt!  There things were safe and familiar; in Egypt our bellies would be filled.”  Continue reading The Desert of Our Present Life