Thoughts on Humility – Elder Thaddeus

God is a mystery to all beings.  God is in us, and that is why we are a mystery to our own selves.  God reveals Himself only to the meek and humble.  He is present everwhere, and He is a mystery.  We may learn a little about Him, or may gather some knowledge from nature, but for the most part, we are surrounded by mystery.

When a person is meek and humble, he will advance in knowledge.   Continue reading Thoughts on Humility – Elder Thaddeus

A Lesson on Greatness



Willie speaks.

Is it wrong, the wish to be great,
For I do wish it so?
I have asked already my sister Kate;
She says she does not know.

Yestereve at the gate I stood
Watching the sun in the west;
When I saw him look so grand and good
It swelled up in my breast.

Next from the rising moon
It stole like a silver dart;
In the night when the wind began his tune
It woke with a sudden start. Continue reading A Lesson on Greatness