My Humble Neighbor

Years ago, I was speaking with a former neighbor of mine who was a high functioning autistic young man.  We’ll call him Danny.  We were both about to begin mowing our respective lawns, he with a push mower and me with my riding mower.  Danny asked if his yard could be mowed with a riding mower.

We live at the foot of a mountain, so both our yards are sloped, in some areas almost unwalkable.  I explained that due to the steep slope in his yard, it wouldn’t be safe to use the riding mower (there was some truth to that, but I have to admit I was being lazy and hoping he wasn’t going to ask me for a favor – I feared that’s where he was heading with the conversation).  Danny then pointed to an especially steep part of my yard and asked if I was able to mow that.  I said, “No, I’ll have to come back later and hit that with the trimmer.”

We then commenced our work and both finished about the same time.  As I headed to the steep part of my yard with the trimmer, I noticed it had already been cut.  I turned to Danny, who was still in his yard, and curiously asked, “Did you cut this?”  Continue reading My Humble Neighbor