Saint Paisios, a Clairvoyant Elder of Our Times

Elder_Paisios_of_Mount_AthosToday we celebrate the memory of Saint Paisios, an Athonite elder whom God greatly gifted with miraculous wonders and clairvoyance due to his faithful struggle in Orthodoxy.  For his feast day (July 12), thousands upon thousands of people having been lining up to venerate his grave in Greece.

Elder Paisios gives me hope.  Seeing just how much the ways of the world have infiltrated into the lives and minds of Church-going people, it is good to see that God is still granting us clairvoyant elders for our guidance and salvation.

starsenios-elder-paisiosIf you are unfamiliar with Elder Paisios, you can read a biography of him here on OrthodoxWiki.  Also, there is a collection of his teachings, stories, and a biography here on this site.  In short, he was baptized by St Arsenius, raised by a pious mother, and after serving in the military, became a monk of Mt Athos.

I highly recommend the books that were compiled from his teachings.  Unlike many of the writings of the saints that are geared toward monastics, Elder Paisios had a great deal of contact with lay people and understood how weak today’s modern man is.  He mixed stories with his teachings and taught with sympathy and gentleness. Continue reading Saint Paisios, a Clairvoyant Elder of Our Times