Belief itself as the end

fundamentalist chained to the BibleMuch of Christianity here in the West has taken an interesting turn.  Rather than being an experiential communion with Life Himself, it often takes one of two forms: a set of beliefs based on a particular interpretation of the Bible or a platform for social morality and progress.  The drawbacks to the latter idea I have already written about here.

In regards to the former group, “being right” is of the utmost concern.  In these circles, topics such as apologetics and “defending their faith” are popular.  It makes sense though.  For them, Christianity is a philosophical system comprised of particular beliefs and doctrine.  Challenge those things, and their entire religion can potentially come crashing down.  The more extreme folks in this group are often labeled as fundamentalists, which may or may not be an accurate label since that term is so widely thrown around these days for Christians who have conservative ideas.

The main disadvantage to this kind of belief system is that it is the biggest manufacturer of disbelief.  Bart Ehrman is a prime example.   Continue reading Belief itself as the end