Scripture vs. Tradition

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If you’re anything like me, tradition has been a scary word growing up when associated with the church.  It means dead, obsolete, and/or not-at-all relevant.  Growing up in Evangelical churches, I garnered quite a distaste for anything traditional.  Ironically, that aversion became a tradition of my own.

However, after twenty-something years of attending charismatic or large non-denominational churches, I became weary of that as well.  I was burned out and felt something was lacking in the modern church.  I wanted something different, and I happen to have an interest in church history.  What I never saw coming was that the study of church history during the New Testament era led me to begin attending an Eastern Orthodox Church (which is very traditional and not even close to where I thought I’d feel at home).  I am now a part of that Church.

Before I became Orthodox, I completed this series of blogs that uncovered my historical findings while attempting to understand the deep implications of the Protestant Reformation.  Because it is impossible to fully understand our own behavior without first understanding a little church history, it dives into history quite a bit (but I try to keep it light and easy to read — think of it as “the Cliffsnotes of church history”).

Because today’s audience prefers a blog post in the 400-500 word range, I have split my findings and conclusions into several blogs.  You can read them here:

Section 1 – The early church and its scriptures

Section 2 – Searching for the New Testament church: Schisms and reformations

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