Scripture, Authority, and Tradition Part 1

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In my research of church history, biblical authority, and tradition I have learned many surprising things.  I cannot research the early church without questioning many of the assumptions and teachings I have accepted throughout my life.  I invite you to join me in this journey, but I warn you that it may be challenging.  When discussing it with my wife, she said it was much like the Matrix.

The choice is yours:

You can take the blue pill and continue in your current way of seeing the world through Western Theology and American Culture.  It is much more comfortable here, believe me.

Or together, we can take the red pill and allow the disillusionment process to begin. Click on either one.

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Growing up in non-denominational churches, I became weary of many practices in the church. I decided it was time to find a church that enabled me to grow in my faith and talents, but that was also theologically deep. I was drawn to the Eastern Orthodox Church for several reasons. Check out my blog which details my journey into this ancient faith.

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