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from spam.comI use spam blocking plugins, which means it is possible that there may be occasional legit comments that get filtered out.  If that happens to you then I am sincerely sorry.  Please try commenting again without outside links.

As usual, my comment policy is pretty liberal.  I post nearly everything that other people submit, including disagreements.  However, people who are simply “trolling” the internet, looking for a fight to amuse themselves will likely be disappointed here.  Also, disagreements are fine, but if they are disrespectful then they probably won’t get posted.


People frequently repost another person’s blog to their own.  I am totally ok with my work here being copied.  My one request is that, out of courtesy, you credit my blog somewhere in the post (most people will simply write SOURCE at the bottom of the blog and make that a hyperlink to the original post).

All blogs are copyrighted by me, 2011-2016.

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